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Protect your wheels!

What are Wheelbagz?

You surely know that problem: how to transport my second set of wheels without risking to damage the rims or brake disks?

WHEELBAGZ are a secure solution for this problem.

A set of WHEELBAGZ is composed of one front (120/17) and one rear (180, 190 or 200/17) bag. Each bag wears a 4 cm foam layer on both inner sides to protect rim and brake disk(s), a double-sided zipper, a ventilation net (just in case wet wheels have to be packed) and a strong handle. Additionnally, a label pouch is located under the handle, where you can place information about owner or tyre type.

Single bags can also be ordered.

An individual stitchery can be added on request.


In addition, UV-protection is ensured. This extends rain tyres life duration.

WHEELBAGZ are also perfect in case a training session has been booked in southern countries, and your bike and gear, including a second set of wheels, must be transported by the organiser.

Since 2014, WHEELBAGZ are used by several teams and drivers in the German R6 Cup, German Endurance Cup and the German International Championship IDM.

Special size (18' e.g.) are available on request.